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Hi, I've got a 92 240, w/ 112k miles on it, second hand cared for lovingly by a relative who died. It's run flawlessly for the year I've had it, and I really love it. However Ive had my 1st problem with her and want to try my hand at repairing it myself.

Now, I started her up, ran an errand, no problem. Came back out, dash sensor lights would come on, headlights work, radio came on, it'd click a couple times but wouldnt turn over, then after trying to ignite a couple times, everything would just die. Never had this problem in any way before.

HOWEVER, after a day, I came back and tried her again...started right up...let her run a couple minutes, turned her...back to the same problem.

I'm almost 100% sure its the alternator but I wanted to run it by some others with a little more experience. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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