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Hello everyone! I’m an industrial designer working on redesigning a steering wheel for Volvo Trucks, and I wanted to reach out to some truckers for some insight! I’ve got some questions for people to chime in on below, so if you’ve got some good answers/opinions/general insight, please feel free to chime in! Thanks!

1. What is the most important data to keep track of/monitor while trucking?
2. What are some multitasking routines that trucking requires?
3. What are some of the buttons/switches that you press the most while trucking?
4. What do you like the most/least about the interior layout of your truck?
5. What do you like the most/least about the interior features of your truck?
6. What is the most comfortable hand position for holding the wheel when trucking long distances (10 and 2, 9 and 3, etc.)
7. Have you driven with a brodie/suicide knob before? Is it something you prefer in tight spaces?
8. Does the steering wheel in your truck have buttons that maybe shouldn’t be there/could be located somewhere else?
9. Do you prefer a thicker/thinner steering wheel?
10. Would interchangeability of buttons/button layouts on the steering wheel be beneficial to you?
11. What are some features that you would like to see incorporated into your steering wheel?
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