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questions about volvo amazon engine swap

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hi there im new to the forums. i have a few questions about an engine swap on my old amazon. the car is a 123gt which originally had a high compression B18b engine (currently in pieces at the back of my garage) now seized with piston #3 stuck in the block. a friend of mine has an 86 740gle(4 speed) and a 1990 240 dl(auto) both 2.3 slant 4's. i was looking at his 740 and the 4speed +od tranny looks to be exactly identical to my 123gt's tranny. he's offered me his 240's engine to put in the 123gt so i'm wondering if they will bolt up either directly or if i'd have to take the bellhousing off a newer tranny. they look like they would bolt up (even the motor mounts are in the same place) but i don't really wanna pull an engine if it isn't gonna work. thanks in advance, any info, sources for parts, etc is greatly appreciated

I should have mentioned i'm not looking to do this as a permanent thing but as a temporary thing till i can afford to get the orginal engine rebuilt to specs which due to it's current condition an expensive endeavour (everything but block,head, crank and cam need replacement). it would allow me to drive it around and take it to the paint shop and so on. any ideas or good sources for parts for the old one would be greatly appreciated...
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It would be a shame to do an engine swap to a 123 GT. It is a very special
Sorry, bumped the wrong key. As I was saying, The 123 GT is a special car and changing to a current motor would likely do permanent damage.
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