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Recently completed upgrades on my 93 240

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I just completed a bunch of upgrades on my 1993 240. My 240 is a limited edition "Classic", #711 of 1,600. It was a one owner Florida car that I bought and subsequently shipped to Alaska about 6 months ago. Recent improvements, most purchased through IPD, include all new suspension bushings, Koni adjustable shocks and struts, heavy duty lowering springs, 25 mm sway bars, upper strut braces, a new sport exhaust system (sounds great with just a little rumble at idle and a deeper, more pleasant sound under power), all new motor and transmission mounts, new rotors, calipers, and stainless steel brake lines. I also replaced the stock 14" wheels with a new set of Voxx 17" wheels along with a sticky set of 215-45-17 tires. The difference in handling is amazing! The car goes around sharp corners at high speeds with virtually no leaning. It handles like a sports car now rather than the boxy sedan that it used to be. The ride is definitely somewhat firm but not really obnoxious. I'm seriously thinking of installing a 5.0 liter V-8 and and the 5 speed transmission out of a Ford Mustang to complete the transformation into a really snappy performer. The car now definitely outhandles the performance of the stock B230F engine so the V8 would really improve that situation tremendously. My car is very straight with no dents or rust but the clear coat is starting to flake off, probably from all the those years it spent in south Florida. Next winter I will probably have it repainted in the original color, replacing all of the original plastic trim at the same time. I know I can post a picture with this thread but I don't know how to shrink my picture's file size to one that can be posted here. If anyone is interested in seeing what it now looks like just shoot me a message and I'll email one your way. The lower stance (approximately 1.5" ) really makes the car look nice while the 17" wheels don't look overly huge and contribute nicely to the new sportier look. Even young kids now check out the old Volvo driven being by a middle aged man! If you too have a 240 that has been "enhanced" I'd love hearing about it.

Take Care, Roger
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trim pieces

I have been keeping my eyes open for many of the exterior plastic pieces in anticipation of a possible paint job. I recently snagged some new OEM mud flaps on E-bay but have not seen the pieces you are seeking. So far, the dealer here in Anchorage has been able to come up with almost all of the interior trim pieces I have needed that weren't available on Ebay but I haven't tried the dealer for exterior trim. Their stuff is pricey but so far they have had everything I needed except for two switches for my electrically controlled mirrors. I did find some serviceable used ones on Ebay for just a few bucks each. There's a fellow here in Alaska who has about 225 Volvos in his "collection." He too is a great source of parts for almost any models up to the 240 series cars.
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