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Greetings everyone!
I have a 2006 XC90 T5 with 145,000 miles.
Several days before, I noticed as the vehicle was running and I was standing outside that the a/c compressor (or the clutch) was pretty noisy when engaged, but it still blew cold.
Today the a/c was blowing only hot air.
After 1 mile of driving, I pulled off, opened the hood, and some smoke was coming from the compressor area (must have gotten pretty hot).
I turned the a/c controller to 'off', and no smoke (but also no a/c).
Have any of you experienced this?
I'm assuming that even though the clutch may have been engaging properly, the compressor was refusing to turn (only assuming here).
Because I don't want to have to disconnect, replace and recharge the compressor unless I absolutely have to, do any of you think I can just put in a new clutch kit, or do you feel a totally new compressor would be the answer?
I truly appreciate any thoughts!
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