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Resetting 850 service light

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Anyone know how to reset the service reminder light on the 94 850 (non turbo)?
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Thank is a excellent question. I have been trying to find out for the last month. Anyone who knows, please reply.
There are two diagnostic units(it says A and B on the cover) located adjacent to washer reservoir under the hood. Turn on the ignition and open the module A and insert the flylead into socket 7.
Press the button on the diagnostic unit 4 times, briefly but firmly. Then the LED illuminates and stays illuminated, and the system is ready to accept manual code input. A code number for resetting the service reminder light is 1-5-1. To do this, press the test button once and release it And LED illuminates again.
Then press 5 times and wait for the LED to illuminate.
Press the button once and LED should flashes several times in succession and the reminder should have been reset.
Switch off the ignition and replace the flylead in its holder and close the cover.

That worked perfectly, thanks!:)
V70 wagon (1998)

Hey guys, will the service light reminder be reset on the above the same way?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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