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IN RESTORABLE CONDITION with many new body parts including rear corners(already installed), rockers, inner fender aprons, floor pans, dash pad. Requires new vinyl for interior, head liner.

Nearly ALL OF THE NECESSARY PARTS HAVE BEEN COLLECTED (MANY NEW, ESPECIALLY THOSE RELATED TO SAFETY ie: Brake parts, Suspension/Steering Bushings, tail light assemblies and lenses etc) all new rubbers including difficult to obtain rear seat passenger window rubbers.
No roof rack.
Mechanically, Many options are available at hand:
4 speed or OD transmissions,
B16, B18 or B20 engines. They are all there in various states of repair. The bushings for the B16 that mic’d very close, but the new bushings make sense to put in before reassembly. The B18 hasn’t been gone into as yet. The SU’s of the B16 were rebuilt many years ago, not run more than a half hour.
The B20 is intact (from a P1800 with a performance head, steel timing gears, balanced crank etc), work done by Don Thibault in Maryland. Only interested in selling the B20 separately if the car is sold without that engine, as this engine will assist in selling the car I assume. It is obviously built to be a strong performer and would take on the dual Weber option quite naturally if anyone wanted that type of horsepower kick.
The B16 will move this car well at 70 horse, but the B20 with the right set up of the Webers etc will about double that I’m told.

There are:
Rads for B16 and B18/20 configurations,
Front disc brakes available for rebuilding,
2 sets of rims, the originals and a wider set off of a 122,
Cotton cover.

It sits in a dry shed. The interior is out, the engine is out, the glass is out, front end is out so easy to paint, replace the bushing/king pin sets that are there and new in packaging.

Thinking $5500 Or reasonable offer

Based out of Milton Ontario.

Tom - 905-330-6632
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