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RTI Navi dvd S60 white screen

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i have install a rti dvd navigation system on my S60 ( i buy this system from a incident v70).

When i start car the indash monitor popup and display a complete white screen. When i stop car after 5 second the indash monitor go off and popdown.

Where is the problem? How i can check this problem?

Sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian boy.

Last question i have another indash Volvo monitor but have different connector (see the image) anyone know where this monitor fit and where i can found the pinout for this different connection? Thank you.

This is the info (write on the back) about this monitor:


Model NO. 3AF351 DU-Y20

Serial NO. VO3510 61110011

Another number 14966 0601
made in Japan
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