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Hi guys

New to this forum and new to Volvo in general.

Got myself a 1999 S40 1.9 T4 Automatic last month and love everything about the car (except for the fuel consumption!)

However, when driving it back home, I noticed that the acceleration wasn't that great. It sometimes surged and I was thrown back in the seat, other times the engine revved / made a lot of noise but nothing much else happened. It has deffinately gotten worse since coming back from a 500 mile journey. If I kickdown, again I get a lot of noise but hardly any acceleration. It's almost like it doesn't know what gear it's supposed to be in and jumps between a few different ones. If I'm accelerating beyond a certain point, I get a lot of what can only be described as 'juddering'. I then have to ease of the gas and try again. I actually got beaten at the lights by a Transit Van today as acceleration was so poor.

Using cruise control eases problems a bit as the issue isn't noticed (with the expetion of the aforementioned juddering on a few occassions) but then I'm not using the throttle.

I'm getting it booked in to a mechanic as soon as I can as I really don't want to be lumbered with a 200bhp car with the acceleration of a nissan micra / G-Wiz!

If anyone has experienced similar issues with their Volvo and if you could shed some light then I'd be eternally grateful!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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