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I have a five week old S60, just out the wrapper!

Last week an amber warning light came on and told me "engine system service required", i also notice a dramatic loss of power.

I took this straight to my local dealership who took the car into a service bay for ten minutes and told me that the problem was sorted, the turbo needed to be reset they told me?

All was well....for a day and then the light came back on, gave the same warning and lost power. I took this back to the dealership and they booked the car in the next day. I collected the car at the end of that day and they told me that they had found the problem and that the engine management system had to be reprogrammed.

All was well....for a day and now i have the same loss of power except for some reason the amber light and associated warning is not coming on. I suspect that the warning may have been disabled? I have also have the car briefly flagging up that i should stop the car as there is a coolant problem?

Does any of this sound familiar?
I know that the vehicle is under warrenty, but i feel that i am getting nowhere and it is such a really nice car!
Any help would be gratefully received.


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