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2008 Volvo S60 52,200 miles
The message center suddenly read, "Reduced Engine Performance," and the car went into limp mode. After shutting it off for a considerable time frame, it went off. It has been occurring intermittently for five days. I finally got it to a dealership yesterday. I had been researching the internet on this issue and found it appears to be the ETM/Throttle Body -- a common problem with Volvos in recent years.
The dealership just called and said it is teh Throttle Assembly Actuator. They informed me that Volvo no longer uses ETMs (since 2006) and have been using these Actuators instead. It is $982.15 to fix.
Is anyone else having problems with the ETM replacement - the Actuator????
I am angry and upset. This car is 2000 miles out of warranty. This is obviously an on-going issue. I always dreamed of owning a Volvo....I drove the same car for ten years just so I could afford this freaking car. What a joke! Was I "duped"!
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