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Hey. Thank you all in advance for your help.

Trying to help a friend here. They have a 2004 Volvo S60 and had it stored for some time. Wouldn't start/turn over. Just had no juice.

So, we replaced the battery. Brand new battery. Dropped her in and hooked her up.

Now, here's what happened.......
Got in the car to start it, and first thing that happens is the alarm goes off. Use the key remote and shut that off. Put in the keys and tried starting it.... and the dash lights up, all the usual sorts of indicator lights popped on, but she wouldn't turn. Tried again, same deal. Wouldn't start.

At this point, I'm left thinking the following:

1) The alarm going off tripped an immobilization unit with the car and prevented the engine from turning.

2) The starter is dead too, in which case, that needs to be replaced too.

Given what happened though, with the alarm, I have a suspicion that it's number 1. Anyone here have any experience with this or can help us out? Long story but my friend could really use a break......

And again, thank you to everyone in advance. Sincerely appreciate your time and attention. :):):)

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Try looking under the dash by the brake pedal and behind the obd2 plug there is a unit (my guess the imobilizer unit) check to make sure the all the connections are properly seated. Could also be the ring around the ignition.
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