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S60 radio HU-613

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Hello. I am new to the forum and I am having problems with the HU-613 radio in my 2002 S60. The radio works great but the light that shows what station I am listening to does not work. At the same time that the light went out, the radio controls on my steering wheel also quit working. We can replace the fuse, clean the fuse and put the fuse back in and it solves the problem but just for a short while. It kepps happening again. The dealer says I need a new radio and software ($700!) but I am hoping that there is a simpler and less expensive fix to this problem. I've been hearing that maybe a software upgrade might solve it.
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Thanks for the input. Do you know where I can get the software upgrade, other than the dealer? The dealer does not seem to think it will work and it will be about $150.00 to try it out.
Thanks for your help. There is an European auto shop in my city so I might give them a try. I look forward to hear what you find out.
I will let you now what I find out and if the upgrade solves the problem - or not. Thank you for your help.
I ended up having to replace the HU-613 radio in my S60. This cost about $700 and frustrated me as I thought it was something simple that could be repaired within the radio but I think they are built to just replace an entire unit rather than repairing it.
I didn't look into a salvaged radio but I did check aftermarket. I could not find a radio that fit well and it would have looked jerry rigged. I wanted to keep the original look of my S60 so did not go with aftermarket.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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