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s60 struts question

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I have 2004 s60, I recently had the front end rebuilt at a local shop. They did upper and lower control arms and ball joints. I brought it in for the work because i had a clunk in the front end whenhitting bumps and the passenger side tire was rubbing when pulling into parking spots. After the work, Iwas still getting a small clunk. the shop said the strut had a cracked rubber bushing but it was still within safe specs. They gave me a repair quote to replace the struts and suggested doing the axles at the same time becasue they had to pull them off to replace the strutts.

There quoate shows to replace the 2 strut mounts with bearings and the 2 spring seat struts. Is this something that I would be able to do myself? I replace the axles on a 94 nissan maxima myself, but I have never done anything with shocks and struts before.
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I forgot to mention that we had an accident 6 months ago tht did 7500.00 in damage to the front of the car. Do you think that these front end problems could have been from the accident?
Welcome to the forum from Atlanta! If you had that major of a front end damage I would definitly attribute some of these issues to the accident. If you have replaced the axles on your Nissan you probably have the tools and skill to handle this job.
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