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New issue with my S60 T5 2001 this morning (89000miles)...Since 1 or 2 day, I got the check engine light as well as emission system written but the car was running fine...
I thought the gas cap was not tighten well and that the problem will go by itself...
But not at all. This morning, the car start fine ( but i noticed faster on the cold idle than before,2500rpm !Then after 6 to 8 seconds the revolution start to drop and then a very very rough idle till it dies !!!
I restarded the car, same thing but i pushed a bit on the accelerator pedal when it started to give the rough idle, no increase in revolution at all....and the idle become so rough that i turned the ignition key off .
I had time to check for battery and alternator 14V,so ok.
Any ideas. A huge thanks for your help in advance

I will add some comments here : I do not suspect the ETM because I never saw a revolution fluctuation at all ( at idle or running speed) .
It looks more at gas pressure problem , fuel pump or intake leak. But it is very difficult to diagnose...i do not have a pressure gas tester!
Yesterday i got a scanner Creader4 from a friend. It did show P1171 and P0101. Which are related to MAF. But I have read that with a MAF issue you still able to drive the car, not me !

With the scanner I also erased the 2 codes. Then i started the car and it seems running better (it started fine and hold the idle speed around 1000rpm for around 5 to 10 seconds more ,I could also accelerate with the gas pedal. After this time, the engine started to shake so badly i switched off the iginition!
This rough idle I am speaking looks the same as when you disconnect the battery and reconnected it. The electronic try to find the right ignition timing....
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