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Hello, I'm new to Volvo and this forum and I'm happy that I have found this community.
I recently bought a Volvo s80 2001 2.9 as a project car. So far there where ups and downs with the project but I was able to fix-up the car and get it running and I'm using it as my daily driver.
As part of the project, I started eliminating fault codes (when I started there where more then 25 fault codes now there are 2) and I encountered fault code P0443 EVAP Signal missing.
Initially I thought that the problem was with the Vapor Canister Purge Valve, so I replaced it, about a month ago, with the used unit, but the fault refused to clear. So thinking that the used unit was also faulty, I replaced it with a new original unit, and the fault code was cleared.
However, two days ago, the fault came back together with another fault code P1152. and the car started to have slow acceleration, struggled when I drove up a small hill and the engine was vibrating strongly on idle. I hooked the car to a ODBII code reader and cleared the code, and the car ran smoothly again, yet today the symptoms came back and the codes as well. Again I cleared the codes and the car again started to run smoothly.
So I'm at a loss at the moment, and I don't know what the problem is or if the two code are related and why the p0443 code came back after I replaced the part with a new original.
I would greatly appreciate your help and advise.
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