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S80 help

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Hi all

I am looking for a used Volvo S80, 2007 or 2008 model.

The car I am comparing with is the MB E class.

Yes, the Volvo is a better car when it comes to a crash, great seats and so one.

But, how is the AWD? Good? Have heard it is not so good...hmmmm
So, the V8 is made by Yamaha, is that right?

How about the T6 and the 3.2 in it? Made by Volvo or??
How is the engines?
Is there something I need to look out for, when buying one?

All help is good

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Hi and thanks for the reply.

Is the V8 a "better" engine than the 3.2 or the T6?
AS you say Matt, the T6 has some heat, but maybe in the long run a V8 or the 3.2 is a "better" engine.
Did read they was made by Ford, but not sure about that.

The AWD is the same as used in the XC`s?
I was out today, tried a S80 08 with the V8, a superb car. Great seats, can really spend a long day in them.

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I am in Switzerland.
Need awd or not..hmm..well, I do not need it that much. But, it will also help me, I think, to keep some of the power away from the steering weel.
A powerfull engine like the 3.2 or the T6 will make the weel "rock" a bit, and that is something I do not like.

Right now a 2007 model with 3.2 and awd with 26 000 km is for sale, great car.
Will go and test it tomorrow.

Thanks for helping me
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1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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