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Seeking help on maintaining my mother's 2005 S60

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my mother has a 2005 S60 with 95k miles on it in Central/North New Jersey

she really didn't do too much maintenance on it other than changing the engine oil and breaks and tires over the years

I believe the car needs some major maintenance, but I do not know where to begin.

So my first action should be

get a full vehicle checkup from the dealer for $125 and decide what to repair. I doubt I'll want the dealership to rip me a new one if I do all the maintenance there.


Find a local specialist in the area and see what kind of check up they do. I do plan on doing simple stuff (like breaks) myself, but will be shopping around for the major maintenance.

Found this in posted back in 2006

"This is probably a shot in the dark, but have any of you used the following shops in the New Brunswick area of NJ? They all say they either specialize in Volvos, or service Volvos and other makes of cars. If so, what has your experience been like?

First Quality Automotive - Avenel, NJ
European Motorwerks - Edison, NJ
North Brunswick Foreign & Domestic Auto Repairs - North Brunswick, NJ
Progressive Automotive - North Brunswick, NJ"

Where should I start? Any would be helpful.
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Most important thing to change is the timing belt. Needs to be done every 70k and if it breaks, there could be expensive, internal repairs.

Full tune up, all fluids, filters, etc., could add up to a healthy bill but if the car's nice it's worth putting a grand or two into bringing it back to original condition. Will go another 8 -10 years without issue

An independent is just as likely to rip you off as a dealer - hopefully someone from NJ has an opinion.

Search the IPD site and see what you potentially might need -
wow.. someone responded

Thank you

Took it to Pro VoVo in Freehold NJ.

paid $86 for check up

he recommanded 90k service for $300
and found that muffler mount need to replace $100
and Emergency break part broke for $1300
and few led needed to be replace in position light and a fog light.

I was bit disappointed since it looked like he only took about 10 minutes to look into it and was too busy to talk to me when I had additional questions.

the receptionist girl tried to explain the issues to me when I asked and had to go back to mechanics when I asked questions in detail.

Said nothing about the weird sound in the engine.

I asked about timing belt, they said it needs to be done at 120k and the manual say 105k

I know how serious the timing belt is since mine did break on my ford contour at 60k or so...

Overall, I wasn't really happy with the experience there compare to other mechanics I dealt with in past
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