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Shift Woes

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Reposting from another forum - trying to get as much help as possible.
Hello all. I'm new to the Volvo world, just picked up an automatic 1993 240 that has shift assembly issues. The car has sat for four years, and needs a little TLC. It isn't able to start at the moment because it's in pieces from other repairs. When I got it, the shift assembly was already in pieces - the owner was shifting with a screwdriver wedged into the assembly to keep tension. :| I'm not sure what pieces might be missing!
The shift assembly is very loose (side to side), but at the same time won't shift or rotate through gears. When I first saw the car two weeks ago, it could shift through all the gears.
Underneath, the horizontal shift rod is on backward, but isn't broken or rusted in place. There are no bushing(s) left, so those are on order. None of the nuts are coming off easy, I have those soaking in penetrating oil for now. There's a lot of play with where they are stuck.
My questions (finally): is flipping the shift rod a thing? Would the reason the car won't shift into other gears be related to the transmission, or maybe an alignment issue because of the reversed rod and lack of bushings? Does this sort of shift assembly require more than one type of bushing underneath?
I'd appreciate any help you're all able to offer. Thanks!
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