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Pull the ashtray out there's some little screws behind that ashtray assembly... I have cheated on those bulbs before....get on the passenger side..use one hand to bend and pull the side of the console up...Be careful you don't snap it or put one of those " I pulled way to hard on this piece of plastic marks" on the console though. reach under the passenger side console between the console and the floorboard and sneak that bulb out from the shifter assembly.. I believe after I peeled the console edge up some I stuck a hammer handle or something under it to help hold it.. Its def. not a convenient way to do it.. But it did save time ... that job paid an hour and we would sneak them in in 5 mins.... you can do it the right way and pull those screws down by the fuse box once you get the ashtray out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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