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shims for wheel alignment?

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I have an 68 1800s that needs shims to get aligned properly. I have talked to 6 different alignment shops in my area and they all say they don't know how to do it or where to get shims. The volvo dealer said they would, though I would have to find shims on my own because they dont know where to get them. All that I can really find as an option is custom made shims for much more money. On top of that, the dealership is an hour from my house and I'm not even really sure what shims I need so I would like to avoid driving there, having them look at it and telling me what shims I need and then having to bring it back a week later when I have shims. Is there only one type of shim for these models? If I could get it for cheap then I would just buy ..... however many is a reasonable number. I talked to a guy from ipd who said I should not be having this much trouble, any alignment shop should be able to do this for me and to try les schwab. I tried two of them and they both acted like I was an idiot for trying to get this alignment done. Every other shop I've talked to has the same story, zero experience and no idea where to get shims. By the way I live in Lake Tahoe and all these alignment shops are in Reno, so maybe just Reno is filled with crappy shops. I find it hard to believe that I am having this much trouble, as shims were used until the mid eighties... Any help would be very appreciated.
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Home Here is a link to the Revolv Store. It is a Volvo only wrecking yard. They should have the shims you are looking for. I recently had a front end alignment done on my 122. It was done at a local independent front end/ brake shop. There was absolutely no problem. The specs were in their book and the tech used a modern machine to do the alignment. The cost was $65. I suggest you stay away from the chains. They don't want to take the time to work on something a little out of the ordinary.
To answer the other part of your question, I checked my Haynes manual. It states that the shims come in thicknesses from 0.006 in. to 0.24 in. "Caster and camber are adjusted by altering the shims on the upper wishbones." If you look at the two bolts that hold the upper wishbones in place, you should be able to see the shims (spacers).
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