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Hello I bought a new Volvo XC90 2.5T AWD...allegedly, and this is my first car, it has been great i have loved every second of owning this car and i now only want to own a Volvo, but I believe I have chose the wrong dealer. So initially when I bought the car I thought this guy was a real honest guy, nice looked me in the eyes and seemed to be up front with me so I bought the car with great peace at mind with my 30 day warranty. Then right after i buy car, about 3 weeks later the oil pressure warning light came on, so we took it to our mechanic. He informed me that the dealer had put pads underneath the car to collect oil and keep it from dripping on the floor of our garage or whatever, we then confront the dealer, he then takes my car and claims he "fixed it" when in reality he just put more oil into it. Then, naturally the same thing happens and we take it to our normal mechanic and he actually gives it a fix so we just have to add oil every once in a while and keep up with it. After about 6 months as I'm driving through the city with my girlfriend, the engine goes, i put in oil about an hour prior to this, we put a new engine in it and 3 days later the "brand new timing belt" the dealer claimed he put on goes blowing the engine again, we put another engine in, and now just last week i got stuck in the snow and just my front two tires spin even in winter mode and via the VIN and my mechanic my car is now and always been front wheel drive with fake badges and a fraudulent title after he claimed it was an all wheel drive car. The state in which i bought it has no lemon law, but could go to my Attorney General Consumer Protection and Anti trust bureau and say he committed fraud? It has been exactly 1 year and 11 days since i bought it and i don't care too much about the $8,000 in engines we put into it or the few hundred we put into the fake oil leak fix because the warranty was 50/50, i just want what i paid for the car back, any thoughts on other ways i could proceed with this would help, Thank you

Long story short, a scum bag dealer sold me a car with constant problems and sold me a FWD XC90 as an AWD XC90 and i want my money back what can i do in a state with no lemon law.
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