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So I have a rather interesting problem going on with my 2000 S80 Non Turbo.

I am getting every so slight surging(only when the gas pedal is within the first quarter throttle) when I am accelerating. It only does this primarily when driving thee first mile, but I have noticed this a couple times in the middle of a drive. It does Idle kinda low 600 to 650 RPM's and when the trans is shifting back into first it will occasionally dip to 550 rpms, but then corrects itself to the higher normal idle. Now when it's really cold out(under 32*F) I have to allow the engine to warm up to the minimal temp line or it will try to stall until it is at the minimal line and if I try to drive the car I'll get crazy bucking until the car is at operational temperature. Whats my problem here?

I would like to fix this before I sell my car and stick the next owner with this problem. I do have a check engine light but that is for a evap canister.

I have never cleaned the MAF sensor and the fuel filter I am fairley confident is OEM and 12 years old with 171K miles on it.
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