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Hey Volvoforum people,

I recently took possession of a 2004 Volvo S60. I knew it had a welded engine mount, but that in otherwise good working order. This has been the case until a couple of weeks ago when I noticed a ?whine? only when turning left around ~45degree+ corners, and only at more than ~10mph. The thing is this whine doesn't go away once I have straightened out (seems to continue for upwards of many minutes more), and seems to be variable tone from that point it starts, based on engine speed. I have checked things that my slightly mechanical mind thought might be a cause (Power steering fluid, obvious signs of wear/damage to the tire "linkages" (in the wheel well)) all without a clue of what is going on. I mentioned the engine mount because it seem conceivable to me that this is related.

Anyone here have any experience with similar symptoms or could help with some suggestions to look at to address this concerning sound?

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