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Heard the rumor that extended use of the spare tire will damage the differential in AWD models. Presumably because it is a "donut" and not a full-size spare, so it somehow strains the system since it is not completely "balanced".

I've been told that if you're buying a used XC, you should check to make sure the spare doesn't show excessive wear. Preferably, it's never been used at all

I'm skeptical of this as I think the Volvo designers would account for this, but wondering if anyone else has heard this. Or if, indeed, there are explicit instructions to not drive on the spare for more than X miles, etc.


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There are instructions to only drive at a max speed (I believe 50 mph) for a limited time. I've not heard of differential damage, but hopefully anyone who uses the donut does so for a limited time period to get their flat fixed.
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