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hi, im new to the forum but have already been on for hours my first day. my question is this - my speedometer seems to work when it wants. sometimes its fine and sometimes it doesnt come on for 20 minutes or goes in and out. as my name states i have a 1991 740 turbo wagon 172k on it and its clean and in great shape. any advice?
also i used the duplicolor bumper coating on my car and it worked great, if anyone wants to see pics email me and ill get you the link
[email protected]
it also seems to idle around 300-400 when stopped, this also is not everytime but it does happen, any advice on that?

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for being here and a part of the growth. Typically you will see speedo problems because of bad/broken wires at the speed sensor mounted on the differential. You could also have a bad speedo head. You can check the speedo wires by gently pulling on the wires at the sensor. Next you would have to remove the instrument cluster and jack the car up to check for the signal at the speedo head. It is an AC V signal. If you have a signal the problem is in the circuit board or speedo head. Very rarely will you have a bad speed sensor though.

On the idle have you pulled any codes or checked for codes?
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