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Hey Guys,
I just bought a 2000 S40 for my daughter yesterday. We made this buy because we just bought a XC90 2006 and feel in love with Volvos!
The problems I am having with the 2000 S40 is very bad. It drove off the lot fine, but about 15 minutes later, could barely pull its own weight down the road. Very week on power and gas pedal to the floor. Almost like it was tied to a big truck pulling down the road! Very week!
The trans seemed to be fine, and it runs like a top, other than when it starts this problem. After we stopped and it cooled down, it started driving fine again.
More info on the car:
Check engine light on, All fluids are correct, codes are P0336 (camshaft pos. sensor)and P0341..... Pending codes P0335B and P0341.
I did notice that when it was running week, that the exhaust pipe behind the engine and against firewall (after the turbo area) was cherry red hot!
Could these problems be Cat.Converter? What would be my first thing to look into? Any ideas on the power problem? Thanks in advance guys and Im glad to be a new member.
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