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Steering Problems

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Hi All,
I recently purchase a 2000 S70 sedan non-Turbo.
After a few days the steering started to lock up when trying to turn to the right while driving the car. Do a quick turn to the left and it will work as nothing is wrong, steers very well.

It doesn't do it all the time. It does it when it feels like it. Had the car checked by a independent mechanic and no problems noted, everything check good. He stated he drove the car for about 15 - 20 miles with no problems noted. The person I bought the car from replaced the steering rack. He used the correct power steering fluid CHF 11S, labeled on the reservoir.

Could the power steering pump cause this?
I'm lost at what could be causing the problem.
Any ideas????
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I'm no expert but I would not think the steering work lock because of the pump. Maybe the rack/gears or maybe it's binding down at the ball joints/ linkage area. Good luck.

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