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Sticky Leather Seats

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Hi, I have a 2006 XC90 that I bought used in April. After bringing it back to Atlanta all was great for a month or so. Then I had it detailed. Since then, all of the seats have been sticky.

I have white leather seats and your clothes simply stick to them and it feels like you are peeling your clothes off every time you lean forward or exit the car. It gets to the point where the fibers from your clothes build up on the seats so much that they stop being sticky, but when I clean the seats, it starts all over again.

I have used Mequires and Lexol cleaning and preservatives. Both good quality, same results.

Help! Does anyone have any good ideas?

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Have you asked the detailer what they used on the seats? Were they like that before the detail? Email [email protected] and tell him Ken from SLKWorld said to contact him. He'll offer you free advice.
Simple detailing a leather interior is usually a two-step process; oiling and then deep cleaning with lots of elbow 'grease' in between. Your detailer may have skipped something.

I have used this product and been happy with the results. They also have good information on using the products.
I would suggest you check that with the dealer i am sure there should be something missing. so get it checked once.

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The problem was picked up by my friend. We decided everything when cleaning with steam at the sink using steam extractor vacuum.
You can read more her Steam extractor vs. Steam cleaner | Which is better?
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