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Hi all,

I have a 93` 940 with 205k miles and I suspect that my turbo is blown and I am looking for some confirmation and advice.

For some time now the "turbo" meter on the dash has been dead and not moving at all, stuck in the center position. Before it stopped reacting all together the gauge was behaving erratically.

When I come off of some hard acceleration or high fuel usage (like on the peak of a hill for example) and have a reduction in engine noise I hear a rattling sound (winding down for a second or so) that I liken to a ping pong ball inside a can being shaken vigorously . I have assumed that because I only hear this after high fuel usage that it is the turbo. I think I have some play in the shaft and the impeller is hitting the side wall. the sound also seems to be coming from the front right of the car where the turbo is.

I also do not feel like I am getting any boost like I used to.

Is this really a turbo issue? What does it mean if the turbo gauge is not working, is this just a sensor issue?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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