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Suspension Upgrade for V70- unpaved roads are killing me!

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New poster here but long time volvo owner. On my 3rd wagon a 2001 V70.

When I go on dirt roads the car seems like its falling apart-last. I like to hike the Everglades and some of the rutted dirt roads are getting very bumpy and I go 40 miles or so. Last time I had a broken motor mount 3 busted bulbs and the air conditioner compressor seemed to [email protected] out (might be unrelated). We got bounced around pretty badly as well. Stock shocks with 66K on the car.

Can anyone suggest any "upgrades" that might make this car more dirt road capable. Wife is looking at XC70's as an answer. Can I get heavier shocks or something like that?

Just for the record I did search "suspension and upgrade" and got no hits. I thought someone may have done this on their Volvo.


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