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Swap: my 740 Euro lights set -> American set

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Hi! I have in good condition 1988 volvo 740 Euro headlight set. I'm willing to trade that for American style lamps for only postage cost.
It is a good chance to upgrade your "everyone has them" headlights to something else :)
My set:

My thread
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Damn, course a deal like this come along AFTER I sell my 740!

This WAS my setup:

Woulda loved to have traded w/ you. Im sure someone will jump at this deal.

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I love American style cars. I can't afford american car, such as Cadillac Eldorado, Buick Skylark, they are beautiful and expencive in Estonia... In my countrey, fuel costs in your currency $1.25 per liter... If I'd take american car with massive bigblock engine, such as 5.6L V8, i'd pay too much for gasoline. So... Why not, if I have good old Volvo, what I love very much, get American headlamps, then I could add together two things I love, American style and Volvo.
I'm still interested trading my full Euro set to USA set... :rolleyes:
Every light is is good condition...
Anyone, anyone at all?
I am actually keeping an eye out.
Jeeeiiii! Somebody is mabe considering something. My dream would be to get these american lights.

P.S. My set has now silver color (original, without wiper holes) headlamp bezels.
...but I havent lost my hope... Would be nice Christmas present...
i get on the train and say that i can swap an Euro Set for a USA set or buy a USA and Maybe Sell Euro set.

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