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Texas Christmas Meet- 12/19/09 Fort Worth Tx

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Texas Volvo Crew Christmas Party

Saturday December 19, 2009. 11:00am until 5:00pm???

The plan is to meet at my house in East Fort Worth near 820 and I30 (exit Meadowbrook off 820) at around 11:00am and then do a group drive through downtown Fort Worth to Billy Miner's Saloon for a lunch of burgers and beer around noon. There is free parking in Fort Worth on weekends and I know of a good lot where we can all park together. You will need about $10-15 to eat/drink with. Once everyone is done eating we will make a short cruise back with a stop or two for photos (weather permitting) along the way- So bring your camera.

Once we are back at the house we will hang out and drink (I'll have some beer...if you want something specific bring it...if you're a minor you are not drinking). I've got a nice bar/game room with air hockey, foose ball, etc. At some point we will do a gift exchange- you will need a $10-15 Volvo related gift- make sure it is wrapped (you don't HAVE to participate but it would be nice if everyone would).

That's the majority of the plans, if folks want to hang out past 5pm we can always go to dinner and go out for a night time photoshoot. I'm sure a few of us will do this.

I do have some extra space at my house for out of town folks that would like somewhere to stay- just let me know in advance so I can make sure I have enough room. Unlike most meets I have hosted we won't be able to wrench at this meet. I don't have a garage built here yet and only limited tools- so don't plan any repairs other than if your Volvo breaks down in route.

For my address or directions shoot me an e-mail: [email protected]

The only thing I ask is- If you're a minor please do not drink at my house. When arriving or leaving please DO NOT SPEED through our neighborhood- seriously this isn't like my parents house out in the country. Oh...and have a good time :)

I really hope to see some other folks attend than the normal DFW people- $20 for all day entertainment is cheap and I've offered you a place to stay if needed.

Hope to see many of you on the 19th!
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Can you post of some pics, sounds like it would be a good time.
hi i am new to this forum.if you post some pictures then it will be more intresting
It is so regretful that I just saw your post now!

Oh, it is so regretful that I just saw your post now. I was at Texas on December, 2009. If I knew this party at that time, I would not miss it!

It sounds really good! How did it run? I guess it would be wonderful, right?
hi guys how is the meet i hope you guys enjoyed is there any meet in 2011?
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