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Hey all,

I've just come to this site and I'm looking for help and to give help as I can.

As it goes, I have a 1994 Volvo 850 Estate, The Anvil:cool:, and I have a number of issues that need my attention and I hope that some of you may be able to help me what "ails my ride".

I currently have an issue with my cooling fan in that it doesn't come on when it is supposed to and this can, obviously, have dire consequences which I don't want to think about. More on that later and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I have changed the thermostat and I have changed the coolant temp sensor. My cooling fan relay does work as I have power to it and it will click which tells me that it, the relay, does work. When I probe to the power side of the relay the fan does come on and run well but it will not come on when needed.

I just bought a Hayne's Manual and I'll check it for a wiring diagram for the cooling system and if I have one I'll attach a pic of it and tell you what I find.

I'll take any ideas that you have so toss some out there and we'll solve this and I'll have some cool somme driving.

I've also got a paint project for this weekend and I'm looking forward to blackening up the trim as it is not even lookin Grey anymore. It's kind of a gastly white-ish grey and it doesn't look good anymore.

I'll post some pic's and a link when I get it done up. Yes, both before and after pic's.

Later :D

Pic's of The Anvil and The System.

Ok, I'm done playing with the pretty colours:p


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