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All I have done now is cosmetics. I have the windows tinted, back and front. I also have the head lights, blinkers and the tail lights tinted. Hipper white head lights, not HIDs, because it is tinted and super illegal. Not that all the tint isn't already illegal but I don't really see the point with tinted lights. I also have added "street glow" to the car. And have the inside wired too. 20 led light strings inside and out (blue).

All right this is what my game plane is: tune my 2000 s80 t6. I know it is not an easy task nor cheap. Now, not in any kind of order: I would like to lower it about an inch. Now that should be easy enough to do with just some springs. Cost 300$. Can find them on the internet all over. I just want to do springs and not coil over because of the cost difference.

Next over boost the turbos. I want to do that by changing the springs in the compressor bypass valve. What I was thinking, and talking to friends that know what they are kind of talking about, changing out the springs to a stiffer one will force the turbos to work "harder." The way I understand is that by switching the 8 pound springs to 11 pound springs will make them spool up more pressure and get hotter. I know hotter is not good but pressure is. So with a 3 pound boost increase I should get about 45-60 more horse power. I am assuming about a 3lb increase, but could be more. The springs work off of a range, not a set amount. So i could get more pounds out of them then I want. Which, my understanding is, that the turbos will start making more heat then boost and become inefficient. Springs, the cheap ones on the internet, about $30 each. I need 2 of them.

Then their is the ECU mod. The one I was looking at is a hand held device running about $650. I want to get the hand held one instead of the mail off ecu one because I want to be able to control my own car. That mail off stuff just seems like a lot more work then it is worth to me. That should give me about another 30-40 horse power.

So, I am thinking that it should put me at about 350ish horse power. Now I run into a fuel delivery issue. I have more horse power then my stock injectors and fuel pump can handle. My friend directed me to some sites that would calculate the injectors that I would need. Now I think the car sits at like 320cc injectors, don't remember off the top of my head what the stock ones are, could be wrong. I need to upgrade to about 397cc injectors. The fuel pump I have not looked into yet to know what, if any thing I need to do to it. Now injectors, as far as I can find so far, run about $170 each.

That is what I want to do. The point of this thread is to find out what will or will not work. I know that the trans has a problem with the stock torque and the extra horse power might blow it apart. Now what about the pistons? And can they hold up? Or am I just going to blow the car apart?

Anyone have any ideas, questions, comments about what I am going to get into. I know $$ $$ $$ is going to be a lot. but I don't really want to rebuild the whole car.
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