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my car broke 3 weeks ago. billowed tons of white smoke out.

since then.. the turbo, head gasket (gasket kit and whatever gaskets came with that) timing belt and water pump have been replaced.

the radiator was replaced a few weeks prior to all this happening.

now it blows smoke that smells like burnt oil, but its not all the time.

it also has been slightly low on coolant twice, only about 1/4 a gallon.

the check engine, service, and oil light all come on and off (the oil and check engine light did this before this problem, comes up "small vaccum leak" or soemthing like that, my dip stick is broke is what they said it probably was)

other than the obvious, it drives fine. doesnt over heat, or idle funny. no weird noises or loss of performance...

hellppppp. im running out of money and dont know what it could be now. it has 118k
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