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For most car owners, black tires seem to be the least car component, but even the best cars cannot do without these four wheels. The importance of tires is obvious. China International Tire Expo will introduce you:

The impact of excessive tire pressure on driving

Excessive tire pressure will not only cause tire bursts during high-speed driving but also interfere with normal driving. One is that the tire noise becomes louder; the second is that when passing some undulating roads, the body will jump too frequently and the comfort will be reduced; in addition, excessive air pressure may make the steering feel lighter; most importantly, excessive tire pressure will also affect the braking effect of the vehicle.

The impact of low tire pressure on driving

If the tire pressure is too low, there are also hidden dangers. First of all, tire noise will become low-frequency noise, and the occupants will mistakenly think that the tire noise is reduced. If you use its practical instrument to measure, you will find that the noise index is still the same; then the driver can directly feel the weight of the steering wheel heavier. The response speed of the front of the car to the direction is also slower, and understeer is prone to occur during fast cornering; the only advantage is that the comfort level will be slightly improved, and the body shake will be reduced when driving on rough and uneven roads. But to remind you, this is in exchange for high fuel consumption and sacrificing safety.

Tire Wheel Sky Plant Automotive lighting

The correct method of tire pressure detection

So how to judge whether the air pressure of an economical tire is appropriate? Generally, the inflation pressure required by the tire is clearly marked in the car manual. We need to remind you not to believe what you see because most of our cars are now equipped with low-pressure radial tires without inner tubes. Sometimes they feel a little flat from the outside, but that doesn't mean they will be discouraged. The standard instrument is the only means to check whether the air pressure is normal or not. When testing tire pressure, it must be performed under cold tire conditions. If it is a hot tire measurement, the measured value must be reduced by 0.3Pa to be accurate. Tire pressure gauges are now available in any tire store or auto parts city.

Tire show believes that in addition to tire pressure, the tread pattern also requires us to check frequently. Genuine tires are marked with wear limits on the sidewalls before leaving the factory. If there is no such mark, we can also use calipers.
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