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Recently, I always receive many kinds of promotion letter, about cloth, shoes, healthy & beaulty... It's really bored. But now, I know how to get rid of it.​

Let me take an example for you:

I just received a Christmas promotion letter, which mainly promotes auto diagnostic tools. There is a tool about VOLVO TRUCK diagnostic, named VCX HD Heavy Duty Truck Dianostic System. It is said that it can support ECU programming, diagnose most of heavy trucks, buses, grabs, cranes and engineering machines, etc. It is at a very good price now.

Then I thought how if I share this message here? If it is just some friends here needed, that means I've offered them help. To think and do so, I feel happy and not bored. In a word, I have got rid of the bad feeling of promotion letter. Right?

If you are the one who need this news, I can help. ^_^

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