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The Newbie enters,one man leaves...

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Hi,I'm Jeff and new to this forum.I am not new to Volvo though,as I have owned 17 Volvos since I turned 18 in 1989.My parents bought a 1977 Volvo 244 dl in 1978.It had a 4 speed and the 14" alloys that went on the 78 Bertone.I loved that car and drove it til it went over 300K and sold it to a lady who put another 100K on it and it's still road worthy I'm told.Been hooked ever since.I currently own these 4 Volvos.
My 2nd Volvo is my oldest and most beloved....
1967 P1800s,Factory sunroof,OD,chrome spears down fender,luggage rack,Wood 2 spoke steering wheel with aluminum extention,wood shifter knob.
1970 P1800e[Smashed fender with some crossmember damage.Red interior in really nice shape.
1971 P1800eRunning automatic,driver
1992 240,Black/grey/auto with under 100K

Anyway,I need guidance,help and wisdom.I would like to restore the 1967,and part out the 70,71 for the completion of the older one.The 240 isn't even broken in yet.I bought it from a doctor who factory serviced the vehicle until 85K when I bought it.His kids crashed into everything so the body is sub par cosmetically.Mechanically,it's top notch.I love that I can go to the market,etc and park anywhere.And know it will start every time,save me in an accident and never strand me.
Volvos rule!!
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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