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DMac here - North Carolina is home these days - Driving a 2006 S60 2.5T with almost 100K on the odometer and the CPO warranty is about done.
Minor Mods; Lowered with springs, New 17 inch wheels and rubber, shimmed out the bump stops with a few washers behind the bolts to keep the new tires from rubbing on the inner wheel well, Custom Droid X mount installed in the cubby next to the radio - wired behind the radio/center control assembly. Long wish list, Short on cash - That's Life!

Stock pic in a hail storm.

Looks like it's ready to go off roading with all that wheel/fender space.

The springs lowered it at about an inch and a half.

Getting better...

Had some time a few weeks ago so I hit it with the Clay Bar - Holly Crap; you think it's clean with a good scrubbing... But it's not!

Smooth like glass now - Only about 5-6 hours - then had to polish and wax it too - another 5-6 hours - Now I know why they call it Labor Day Weekend!

Wheels and Rubber just came in - waxed them with Wheel Wax and mounted them.

Waiting on the Volvo (aftermarket) center caps.

3D stickers are made of high quality vinyl, with printed image on it, and covered with layer of liquid resin (2-3mm).
Cheap stickers from (in the Ukraine of all places)
A buddy got some for his wheels (aftermarket) and they have held up for close to a year so far - I bought two sets just in case.

I think this car (all P2 S60's) have nice clean lines - I'm not sold on the new ones (yet) - Looking forward to using the site.

IMO you are never too old to have fun with your ride -

Best regards,
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