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Timing belt--black/white, or shades of grey?

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Here's a question for the seasoned amoungst the Forum....

It seems like conventional wisdom is that the timing belt should be replaced at 100k miles or so, in some models like the V70 or XC.

But does the belt wear down over time and gradually do damage to the engine, (so, for the last 30k miles of a 130k belt), OR, is the belt simply replaced so it doesn't wear to the point of breaking, because a failed belt immediately ruins the engine?

I ask because I wonder if I should avoid buying a car that runs perfectly with over 130K miles but has NOT had the belt replaced? Or is it OK to buy, then immediately replace the belt?
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It's ok to buy and immediately replace. The belts over time break down and if they snap it is going to cause damage to the engine. If they haven't broke and the engine is idling fine then just replace them right away.
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