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Hi, I purchased a 2015.5 Volvo V60 Wagon, fwd, in Dec. 2015. I now have 10k miles on it, and already had a major transmission failure trying to pull into traffic a month ago in Rochester, NY for a family members funeral. Dealer fixed, said they'd never seen the computer log a total transmission failure and initially thought I had the ebrake on! No comment. Fast forward a few weeks, and my second long trip with this car and I'm backing out of a parking space, back up camera is on, and then I look down as the engine is reving and it slipped into neutral. watch movies online free
Since then hard shifting, lag when pressing on the gas, second time into the dealer in CT and they are saying this is a known issue with this transmission! Seriously! You pay $30k for a car that has a lagging tranny when I've got my autistic son in the car? Now, forgive me, I'm a previous owner of a 2005 XC90 that had all the transmissions issues. Volvo assured me all that was resolved, but here we go again! DEATH TRAP! BUYER BEWARE ON THIS 2015/2016/2017 VOLVO V60 WAGONS-there is a reason they are sitting on the lot! Signed, Single mom from CT.
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