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trany fluid change

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I have a 1995 volvo 850 turbo. My axel boot on the driver side burst so I changed it. Of course a good amount of trany fluid came out. It seems a little discolor, no unusual smell. I want to change the fluid. The manual calls for Dextron II(E). Can I and is it better to put ATF+4 instead of Dextron II(E)? I cant seem to find it anywhere. If not, what can I use. The owner said he put synthetic in it but it don`t seem like it has been changed recently. The car drive very good, I love it, but the trany is so delicate. So can I use ATF+4 or what can I use ?
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svspeeder, I would use the Dextron II. I'm not a Volvo mechanic, but I do know that some manufacturers and transmission have to use ATF vs. Dextron because of the additives inside. Maybe someone else will add to this, but if it were me I'd use the Dextron.
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