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I have a 1988 240DL. The electrical system is getting troublesome, which is bad news for me because I don't know much about electrical work.

The latest light to go out is a front turn signal. The bulb is good, the rear signal on the same side flashes, the indicator on the dashboard flashes and clicks. I put a volt meter on the socket and got readings of 2,4,7,2,4,7, which tells me at least some power is getting to the socket. I wanted to try doing the same thing on the other side, but am having interesting problems getting to the other socket (ah, the challenges of older cars).

I'm not sure where to go next - my manual tells me there is a turn signal relay near where the driver's right knee goes. Would a problem with a relay make one signal go out? If I find and remove the relay, can I test it, or can I take it somewhere to be tested?
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