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Turbo lag

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Hi all,
I have a v70 2.5 2004.
2 issues.
1. Lag when I put my foot into it
2. Under normal driving when I park and shut it down I hear the fan running and assume it is cooling the turbo.
Am I missing something? The vehicle has 46K on it and should I periodicly put a tank of premium in it or just use and additive?
It there adjustments to turbo pressure? There is not much info out there in terms of maintainence.
I'm located in upstate NY.
In advance thank you
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the turbo volvos should always get premium fuel. yea its expensive but it makes a suprising difference. the cooling fan is programmed to run even after the car is turned off. 46k? you should probably get your fuel filter replaced. that also makes a huge difference.
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