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Am considering All Season, Ultra High Performance Tires for my '07 S-80 V-8...Tire Rack rates the Continental DWS the best, but the Conti 245-40-18 size is not Heavy Load (XL); it's Standard Load (SL)...Can this V-8 safely use an SL tire?? There are some other choices, but the Conti is more highly thought of in almost every category...

The Pirelli Zero Rosso tires on the car are summer tires...they are rated XL...but very expensive and don't really impress me...when I bought the car, one tire was bubbled up...I'm reluctant to buy Pirelli tires, even the All Season one which is pretty highly rated..

Anyone have an A/S tire to recommend for this model? And again: does XL really matter on an S-80 V-8??

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