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Upgrading my T-5R..Many 850/T-5R/R parts: Titans, 15G, much more!!

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I am upgrading my T-5R and would like to sell some items I won't need anymore (as well as a few other 850, T-5R/R parts I have collected). There are tons of big pics in here...please be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to see all I have available:

Nice set of Titans (17x7) with or without 50% tread-wear zr rated tires Primewells on the front, Michelins on the back: $625.00 obo shipped w/out tires; $675.00 obo with tires. Only selling because I desperately want the Black 18x8 Peg replicas IPD is selling. I'm sure I will regret it one day as these are hard to find, and are the original equipment. Cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose.

15G Turbo coldside (inlet side assembly only) in AWESOME shaft play, spools hard and builds boost quickly, no smoke. This turbo was taken off my car Saturday in order to install larger one (18t), and it checked out great by the certified Volvo tech handling the installation. There is no movement in the shaft, and they blades are all straight. May have been rebuilt some time before I bought the car. Vehicle consistently runs 18 psi without hesitating and there is far less lag than any other 850 Turbo I've driven. Car ran 14.1 in the qm at the strip last week on this turbo (I also have a 3 in. dp/mandrel catless exhaust, upsolute tuned R ecu, white injectors). $125.00 obo shipped

T-5R/R Springs: $125.00 obo shipped. Fit s70's also. In great shape...Considered an upgrade from N/A springs (selling because I installed H & R lowering springs)

T-5R passenger seat (great condition): $175.00 obo shipped (or seat skin only: $90.00 shipped)

T-5R rear seat and bolsters (near perfect condition): $150.00 obo + shipping (will get quote and pics)

T-5R/R door panels (excellent condition): $125.00 ea obo shipped

R style door panel inserts: 2 complete sets (will fit T-5R also): $25.00 ea shipped; $45.00 for two shipped; $85.00 for four shipped

Apexi dual stage vent-to-atmosphere blow off valve (nice "whoosh" sound, no tacky whistle). Only replacing with the new, second generation Apexi because I like things to be shiny and new. I'm like a crow, what can I say. Includes the unit itself, no blocking plate or vacuum lines. I can round some up however if you need them. Pictures below show how it is installed in my car: $75.00 obo shipped

CBV and line for Mitsu. turbo: $40.00 obo shipped

Front door speakers: $25.00 ea shipped; $45.00 set shipped

OEM Turbo BCS (boost control solenoid)/TCV (turbo control valve) - sends turbo signal to ecu. I have two available. Though mine (pictured below) is hanging loose because of my short ram intake, it typically attaches to stock airbox at the bottom near the air guide insertion point. $30.00 obo shipped

BRAND NEW AC DELCO BCS/TCV STILL IN BOX along with NECESSARY PIGTAIL AND CONNECTOR - This item is a very sought after 850 turbo upgrade to the above referenced OEM BCS/TCV. AC Delco stopped production of them a while back. People grabbed them up while they still could which is why you run into them once in a while. If you can find them, they are usually in excess of $75.00 without the required adapting accessories. This one is an extra I have. See Volvospeed's threads discussing the advantages of this upgrade. I am selling it, along WITH the connector pieces, for $70.00 shipped.

Stock turbo airbox (I have two of these): $45.00 obo shipped

Brand new in box Glowshift Boost/Vacuum Gauge (smoked face): $40.00 obo shipped

R FRONT BUMPER/VALANCE (cracked across the front vents, of course). Red. As is: $200.00 obo shipped. Easy repair with mesh patches and body adhesive...that's how I did mine and now that its painted you cannot see the repair.

CD Changer with GLOVE BOX INSERT (stealth cd player..shhhh) Missing cartridge: $55.00 obo shipped

MAFs: I have two of these, known perfect working condition $40.00 obo shipped

Post MAFS air intake pipe (connects mafs to turbo): $20.00 shipped

Set of 5 orange top turbo injectors: $45.00 shipped. Cleaned prior to shipping.

Set of 5 WHITE TOP turbo injectors (upgrade from oranges...stock on V70R). Will be cleaned prior to shipping: $125.00 shipped (pics to come)

Air intake lead (2 piece) to stock airbox, or to direct fresh air towards cone air filter, like mine (2 available): $25.00

OEM 850 grill (silver center emblem). I have 2 of these, both in excellent condition: $45.00 obo shipped

OEM 850 Turbo Intercooler: $115.00 obo shipped. Very good working condition, all fins intact

Wood trim T-5R/R coin holder/cigarette lighter/obd II access frame: $30.00 obo shipped

Push-open/closed front ashtray (I have two of these) Both in excellent working and cosmetic condition: $20.00 shipped

Master power window switch, wiring harness and relay: $35.00 obo shipped

Skid plate/air guide/belly pan: $45.00 obo shipped

Odometer cluster - two available (broken odometer gears have been replaced with a brand new one). fine working condition, including all bulbs: $75.00 obo shipped

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