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Hello, I have had this car for a couple years now and it has been my backup car (which you need if your daily is an Audi). I'm selling my 2 Audis and my Volvo and going back to Subaru. I'll be completely transparent in this ad but if you have any questions please let me know.

Things that aren't perfect:
One of the headlights has a chip in it and water has gotten in
Taillights have multiple cracks in brittle plastic
Front right corner lamp lens is gone
A/C compressor seized
Exhaust leak near passenger manifold
Rear nivomat struts are flat
Front R suspension feels "loose" at times/rattles
Paint has fade and missing clear coat in places
Some of the plastic window trim is broken in places
Some of the power seat functions don't work
Heated seats don't work (switch lights come on but no heat)
Cracked passenger side mirror glass (I have a replacement glass that comes with the car but if you use it, you lose heated mirror function)
Driver's seat has 3 inch tear in the leather and some of the stitching is starting to come apart.
Auto transmission works great except when very cold (the torque converter doesn't grab unless you rev it a little higher than usual)

Some good things:
No rust anywhere
Body has only minor dings
All options not mentioned in above list still work

I was given the car by a friend who's son owned it briefly and was using for pizza delivery. He had called her one day and said there was something wrong with the car so she brought him a different car to use for deliveries. The car sat behind the pizza place for probably a month and then she gave it to me. I went to go check it out and it started right up and I drove it home. It did vibrate on acceleration but I was quickly able to identify it as the rubber bushing part of the driveshaft carrier. I replaced that and haven't had a problem since.

I have a full vehicle history report and no accidents are shown. The car was originally purchased in New Mexico and spent most of it's life there until it ended up in southern Utah. From there it came to northern Utah and I acquired it shortly after.

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