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Hi all!

Total newbie here, just registered!

I am looking to buy a V40 1.9D for my Mrs and wondered if there is anything that I need to consider when looking?

We are looking at spending no more than £2000 and obviously want the best we can afford, but on looking at some on AutoTrader and eBay, the mileages on them are quite high, e.g. 140k plus. Is this a lot for the Volvo engine and other mechanical parts? Is there anything specific on the 1.9D that wears out that I need to check, e.g. turbo, diesel fuel pump, injectors, etc?

Anything else that you think I'll find helpful will be most appreciated, and hopefully we can get a Swede on the drive very soon!

Also, can anyone tell me what the stand alone unit is in the dash in the cubbie-hole in between the heater controls and the head unit?

Many thanks, have a good afternoon.
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