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V50 T5, some help

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HI all

We are looking at a car nr2, and a V50 T5 -08 is standing at the dealer.

Now we got a 09 S80 3.2 and are loving it:), great car for long trips, great comfort and a safe and solid feeling.

The V50 is also feeling well made and I know it is a safe car.
But, how is the T5 engine? How is the T models from Volvo? Not so many around here, so I am in the need of some help. Also, these is a FWD car. So, I am thinking torque steering.....Or?

My wife is asking for a Audi A4, but I am a Volvo man.....So, all help is good to me, and her.

All help is good.

Thanks for looking
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